Salwar Kameez which is also known as “Shalwar Kameez” or “Shalwar Qameez” is a traditional dress of the South Asian subcontinent. It was worn by Punjabi women in the Indian Subcontinent and later on adopted by men as well. 


The salwar is a trouser which is worn under kameez. It has a largely opened waist that is held up with an elastic or drawstring belt and cuffed narrow from the bottom which is very comfortable to dress up, whereas, Kameez is a long top with open sides. Kameez may have different types of collars like Sherwani Collar, Shirt Collar, and Collarless Kameez that are also worn by men.


Salwar Kameez can be worn both, formally and casually. It all depends upon the fabric of the dress. Usually, the cotton and silk fabric Salwar Kameez is worn on special occasions such as weddings, parties, and engagement ceremonies. 


As in the Indian Culture, as Salwar Kameez is commonly worn by men and women both, it’s a never-ending tradition. People love to wear Salwar Kameez on almost every other occasion. Even if it is stated that there are some people who only wear Salwar Kameez, it won’t be wrong statement.Especially old age men use this dress as their daily wear because it is comfortable and light to dress and carry.



Kurta is also a famous outfit in Indian subcontinent.The difference between salwar kameez and kurta is;Salwar kameez is a full suite which is stitched usually on the same fabric whereas kurta is usually a sherwani collar kameez which is paired with mostly white pajamas and shalwars, along with churidars (it looks most elegant). There is a huge variety of Men’s Kurta Onlineeasily available on the internet.



If you are planning to buy a Salwar Kameez or looking for a royalMen’s Kurta Online,then you must be acknowledgedabout the types of fabrics that are available in the market. Some famous fabrics for Salwar kameez are khaddar, Silk, Polycotton, Linen, and the most famous one, cotton.

If you want to make a better decision for what fabric to choose as per your need, then the answer is to choose according to the season you are in as the fabric is of main concern when getting yourself Salwar kameez or Men’s kurta online.



Khaddar is a fabric that is specifically worn in the winter season being thick and warm to feel. It can be a good option to prevent winter cold as you donot need to add up some extra warm clothingsuch as leather jackets or winter coats.